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 Elevate your journey with a transformative fusion of tarot wisdom and coaching support, guiding you towards the life you envision.

Experience the Synergy of
Tarot and Coaching

Beyond traditional tarot, this session offers a dynamic blend of intuitive insights and personalized coaching. Amy not only unveils the cards' messages but also empowers you with actionable strategies to conquer challenges and seize opportunities. Discover your inner strengths, dissolve self-doubt, and step into a future you design.

Exploration & Self Discovery Readings

Engaging with tarot cards can prompt introspection, allowing individuals to reflect on their actions, thoughts, and feelings. This self-awareness can lead to personal growth and transformation.

If someone feels uncertain or confused about a situation, a tarot reading can help bring clarity by highlighting underlying issues or energies. While tarot cards don't make decisions for you, they can provide perspectives that might not have been considered, assisting in more informed decision-making. Addressing past traumas or current anxieties through tarot can act as a therapeutic conduit, helping individuals process emotions and find closure. By offering guidance and clarity, tarot readings can alleviate feelings of uncertainty or anxiety, leading to a more centered and calm mindset.

Exploration Reading (30 minutes): $222 per session

Self Discovery Reading (60 minutes): $333 per session



Spiritual Recalibration Therapy is a form of energy healing using charts and a pendulum in a practice called “dowsing.” While not a substitute for spirit release therapy (SRT) or psychic surgery, Spiritual Recalibration Therapy for Twin Flames provides insight into the physical, psychological, and emotional health of each counterpart and their twin ring while identifying energetic blocks, clearing them, and advising remedies wherever applicable. Spiritual Recalibration Therapy for Twin Flames can take anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the energetic health of each counterpart and the connection. 

Spiritual Recalibration Therapy is my only service that is not offered live. I will record your session and send it to you in a link. If you wish to book a clearing with me, please send me a request by clicking the [request] button. I will then send you and invoice and once payment is received, I will book your session into my calendar and notify you of when you can expect your recorded clearing. 

Spiritual Recalibration Therapy can be provided on an emergency basis if requested for an additional $111. If you need your reading within 48 hours, please note “EMERGENCY” in your request. 

$333 per session

Spirit Recalibration Therapy

Sometimes, the cards drawn can act as an affirmation, reassuring individuals that they're on the right path or validating their feelings and experiences. For those inclined, tarot readings can be a spiritual tool, offering guidance on one's spiritual path and deepening one's connection to the universe or higher power. Engaging in a tarot reading can foster a sense of connection, be it with oneself, the reader, the cards, or the larger universe.


Tarot readings can offer fresh perspectives on challenges, helping to break down complex issues into more understandable parts or highlighting previously unseen solutions. It's essential, however, to approach tarot readings with an open mind and heart, recognizing that the cards serve as tools of insight rather than definitive answers. The real benefit comes from the introspection, awareness, and empowerment they can inspire.

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Emotional Healing

Enhanced Intuition

Spiritual Growth

Stress Reduction

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