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Tarot Card Reading: What to Expect

A 30-minute or 60-minute tarot card reading can vary based on the reader's style, methodology, and the questions or topics you wish to address. The items below respectively outline what you could expect during your reading:

Introduction and Grounding

The session usually starts with a brief introduction, where the reader might ask you to relax, take a few deep breaths, and focus on your questions or intentions for the reading.

Question Clarification

The tarot reader might ask you to state or clarify your question(s) or let you know that you can keep it private. Clear intentions can lead to more accurate and insightful readings.

Choosing a Spread

Depending on your question, the reader will select a spread (a specific layout of cards). Common spreads include the Three Card Spread, the Celtic Cross, and many others. Some readers might have their custom spreads.

Shuffling and Drawing the Cards

You might be asked to shuffle the cards while thinking about your question, or the reader might do it for you. After shuffling, the cards are drawn and laid out according to the chosen spread.


The tarot reader will interpret each card's meaning in its position within the spread, considering its symbolism in relation to your question. They'll weave a narrative or give insights based on the cards drawn.

Dialogue and Feedback

Throughout the session, you will likely be in conversation with the reader. They may ask you how certain cards resonate with you or if a particular interpretation makes sense. You're encouraged to share your feelings or ask for clarifications.


Towards the end of the session, the reader might offer a summary of the reading, answer any final questions, or provide suggestions for further reflection or actions.

Recommendations or Further Guidance

Some readers might suggest additional resources, meditations, or practices based on the reading, especially if you're seeking guidance on personal growth or spiritual matters.

Remember that a 30-minute session can pass quickly, so it's a good idea to be focused on what you hope to gain from the reading. You always have the option to purchase a 60-min session instead, especially is you plan on asking more than 3 questions. It's also helpful to approach the session with an open mind, understanding that tarot readings are interpretive and not set-in-stone predictions.

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